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Aquarium Care 101

Understanding the basic needs of your fish is the single most important thing to know about keeping successful aquariums! Doing so will make your life (and the lives of your fish) much easier and a lot more fun.

I’ve been keeping aquariums for 17 years. I quickly learned that taking care of my fish became far easier and much more enjoyable when I simply took the time to learn about my hobby. And, that's the purpose of these articles - to teach begginers the aquarium care basics.

In this Aquarium Care 101 series of articles I’ll cover fish tank size, filtration, acclimation, and other fundamental bits of knowledge I shared with customers while working at two top-notch aquarium shops. My goal is teach you how to keep clean, healthy beautiful aquariums.

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Planted Aquarium Care 101

Although most people incorporate live plants within their freshwater aquascapes, the term “planted aquarium” applies to fish tanks that rely primarily on plants for aesthetic appeal.

Plants are the heart of the planted aquarium with tropical fish complementing the lush underwater garden. People interested in planted aquariums, therefore, tend to invest in extra equipment (stronger lighting, for example), and set their tank up in a way that will promote lush plant growth.

In the Planted Aquarium Care 101 series of articles I discuss the things to consider when setting up a planted fish tank. Even if your aquarium features few live plants, you’ll pick up bits of information that will help both with your fish and your plants.

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View pictures and information about my aquariums. What's more, This section has transformed into a support forum of sorts where I answer people’s aquarium care questions!

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