On this blog, I’ll be talking about my favorite hobby: AQUARIUMS! I’ve been keeping aquariums and tropical fish for over fifteen years. Like all beginners, I initially made a lot of mistakes and, sadly, I sent many fish on the toilet bowl ride. That was largely due to the fact that there was no information […]

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Apart from bettas, goldfish, and a few others, all the freshwater fish available on today’s market are said to be tropical fish. All tropical fish require a water temperature that ranges from 70°F to 86°F (21°C to 30°C). Most will do best at a water temperature that is nearest 78°F (25°C). Also, keep in mind […]

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  Online aquarium retailers offer every imaginable aquarium product (even tropical fish and other livestock) at a highly competitive cost. Given the recent boom in online retail activity, I think a brief analysis of which aquarium products are best obtained from the internet, and which online offers you should stay away from, is in order. […]

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