Is tap water okay for my fish? That’s the question most beginners ask. Well, tap water contains a lot of substances that are poisonous to all tropical fish and invertebrates. Although tap water can be (and should be) treated with a water conditioner to remove most harmful substances, using tap water is not the optimum solution! Among other issues, I’ll discuss the benefits of using a readily available alternative to tap water for your aquarium.

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Cloudy Water: the scary problem beginners often encounter… Well, the fear and the cloudiness will both subside when you take the time to learn exactly what causes cloudy water in aquariums.

In this article, I discuss how the presence of access minerals in your fish tank causes cloudiness, and how this underlying cause of cloudy water can adversely affect the health of your fish.

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It’s easy to tell the sex of livebearer fish (including platys, mollys, guppies, and swordailts). Provided in this article is a diagram of the morphological difference between male and female platys. Again, this diagram applies to the other livebearing fish mentioned above.

I’ll also cover how you can take advantage of the male/female ratio to prmote harmony among the fish you keep.

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Community Aquariums are fish tanks that house a variety of fish species, often from various regions of the world. That being the case, you have to be careful so as not to house incompatible species in your fish tank.

In other words, you have to consider water quality, aggression, and fish size issues in order to create a promote harmony among the fish we plan to keep.

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People have often asked me if it’s alright to use sand in their fish tank. The short answer is yes – there’s absolutely no reason why a freshwater aquariums shouldn’t have a sand bottom. In fact, all of my aquariums have sand bottoms, and I think this choice of substrate makes for a beautiful, natural […]

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