My Discus Fish – Joe and his mate – just laid eggs in my 55 gallon freshwater aquarium! Discus Fish are great parents! In this video you can see the two Discus caring for their eggs. They oscillate their fins to and fro in order to move a fresh supply of oxygen rich water over […]

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  Hey Everyone, I’m writing to let you know that I added a new aquarium care video to the “members area” of In this new aquarium care video I demonstrate the proper and safe method of acclimating fish (of carefully introducing new fish to a new environment) to your aquarium. For those that are […]

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Fellow Tropical Fish Lovers: One of the aquarium care videos (usually available for members only), is up and running at the Kick-Ass Aquarium Information Page. It’s now available for all! Just scroll down through the information page to view this aquarium care *video*. The video explains how biological filtration works, and how to “jump-start” the […]

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