Discus Fish are among the most beautiful fish in the aquarium hobby. Their elegance is further complimented by their graceful nature and tangible personality quirks. Indeed, they exhibit a wide range of behavior, making them an interesting pet.

Although this “King” of the aquarium hobby has gained a reputation for being a finicky eater and extremely hard to care for, recent breeds prove far more tolerant of aquarium conditions. In fact, as long as you provide Discus with a few basic needs covered in this article, you’ll have success with these beautiful fish.

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Not all Tetras come from South America. In fact, the Congo Tetra is an African species. These beautiful fish are, in recent years, commonly found at aquarium shops. They are fairly easy to care for and, when they settle and adjust to an aquarium, display striking coloration.

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Most gouramis are larger fish that require a lot of space and tend to be aggressive towards one another (again, requiring a large aquarium). Moreover, the typical gourami is rather pale in coloration…

But, the dwarf gourami not only stays small, but is also marked by fantastic coloration! Furthermore, its calm temperament makes it an excellent addition to most community aquariums.

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“Guppies” may bring to mind dullness, but recent breeds of these once mundane fish exhibit brilliant coloration and a multitude of patterns. In fact, their new commonly used name, “fancy guppy” reflects the beauty of newly bred varieties.

What’s more, these fish are very easy to care for and are an excellent choice for beginners. Anyone diving into the aquarium hobby for the first time should consider this fish.

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Cory Catfish are a bottom dwelling species that originate from South America. They are very peaceful fish that grow to only 2.5 inches (6.25 cm) to 3.5 inches (8.75 cm) in length, making them great additions to community aquariums.

A few species are available for the aquarium trade, and all require a similar set of aquarium conditions to thrive. They do best in schools, and keeping a number of these bottom feeders in your aquarium will greatly benefit the cleanliness and health of your tank.

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red eye tetra fish

If you’re looking for a fish that’s both hardy, and looks good in a sizable school, the Red Eye Tetra will make an excellent addition to your aquarium.

This species is one of the hardiest Tetras, and will tolerate a relatively wide range of water conditions. Their peaceful temperament and medium size (as far as Tetras go) make them a great community aquarium fish.

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