Aquarium Newcomers: new additions to my fish tank

My Discus Fish – Joe and his mate – just laid eggs in my 55 gallon freshwater aquarium!

Discus Fish are great parents! In this video you can see the two Discus caring for their eggs. They oscillate their fins to and fro in order to move a fresh supply of oxygen rich water over their still-to-be-born young.

Discus Fish take turns looking after their young. In the video, Joe just got back from foraging.

Discus eggs take about two days to incubate. After the babies hatch, the parents relocate them to a “secret” location within the aquarium. There, the fry are nourished by their egg sacks and grow for the next three days, after which point they become free swimming.

The free-swimming fry will feed off of their parent’ sides (both parents secrete a milk-like substance from their skin) for two to three weeks.

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