Video: Swimming at La Jolla, CA with Some Great Marine Life!

My two sisters live in southern California. When I go see them, I make sure to pay the fish of La Jolla a visit as well. In early August the water is crystal clear, visibility is fantastic, and the marine life is abundant.

In fact, when hanging out in waste-high water, I stepped on four stingrays over the course of just five minutes – it felt like I crashed a stingray family reunion, for the rays were everywhere in the area where La Jolla Shores meets La Jolla Cove. Fortunately, I’ve become rather good at communicating non-aggressive intent towards fish of all kinds (stingrays included) and was able to avoid a painful sting. Besides, stingrays are rather peaceful fish and only retaliate when they feel imminent danger.

The water indeed felt inviting, so I grabbed my camera and snorkeling gear, and invited my brother and a few friends to head out on kayaks to see what we could find further out in the ocean. When John and I spotted some sharks we jumped into the water to get a closer look. Of course, these sharks are as harmless to humans as they are beautiful, and I’ve swam with them on many occasions. Apart from sharks, we spotted some stingrays and four species of damsel fish, including the brilliantly colored Garibaldi (Hypsypops rubicunda).

Please note that the above video is mine, and I do not give permission to download and/or re-post any of its content anywhere on the internet (if you’d like to share the video, please link to this page). Also, please excuse my heavy breathing – I had been swimming almost nonstop for over an hour 🙂

I’m including two stills from the above video. I think the pattern on the shark looks beautiful. Yes, these are salt water fish we’re looking at, but I hope their beauty, and the beauty of their natural habitat, provides inspiration for freshwater aquarium enthusiasts as well. Thank you for reading.

Video still - La Jolla Shark

Video Still - La Jolla Damsel Fish

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