Aquarium Care 101: Part 2

Aquarium Size

In the last addition of Aquarium Care 101, I discussed balance and stability – two of the key ingredients for creating a nature inspired aquarium.  In this Aquarium Care 101 article, I’ll go over some ways by which you can provide your topical fish with a stable aquarium environment!

Aquarium Care Principle 3: When it comes to aquarium size, bigger is MUCH better

Yes; size makes a difference when it comes to tropical fish aquariums! Bigger is better!

This may seem counterintuitive, but large aquariums are much easier to care for than are smaller fish tanks!

Therefore, I recommend that beginners start out with the largest aquarium they can get. A 40 gallon (150 Liter) aquarium is the minimum aquarium size I’d go with.

Experienced aquarium keepers, on the other hand, will benefit from the low maintenance routine that large aquariums allow for!

So, how exactly do large fish tanks make aquarium care simple?

Well, large aquariums promote a balanced and stable environment – the key points I discussed in the last Aquarium Care 101 article. Two major reasons make this the case.

1) Large aquariums tend to stay cleaner. Think of it this way: if a fish poops in a small body of water (a fish bowl, for example), there’s a good chance that it will poison itself! Conversely, if a fish poops in a large body of water, it will just funk the place up a bit.

Although the ‘fish poop’ example is a simple way of describing a complex subject, it’s fundamentally accurate. In Aquarium Care Principle 6 (featured in the next addition of Aquarium Care 101), I’ll explain the relation between aquarium size and clean and clear aquarium water in more detail.

For now, let’s move on to the next attribute that makes large aquariums better than their smaller counterparts.

2) Large aquariums promote stable water conditions. In addition to cleanliness, aquarium conditions include pH, hardness, and temperature. The larger the body of water is, the less likely it is to suffer from outside disturbance – a cool or hot house, poor tap-water quality, etc.

And remember, tropical fish thrive under stable aquarium conditions. Aquarium stability is an extremely important aquarium care factor that many overlook!

Even “experienced” aquarists make the mistake of perpetually adjusting and tweaking their aquarium water. Many of them are left to wonder why, after so much effort on their part, their tropical fish contract diseases!

Well, stability is a key aquarium care factor! Without a stable environment, no tropical fish will do well!

The first step to creating stable aquarium conditions involves getting the right aquarium! And, again, bigger is better!

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