Hi, I’m Luke

On this blog, I’ll be talking about my favorite hobby: AQUARIUMS!

I’ve been keeping aquariums and tropical fish for over fifteen years. Like all beginners, I initially made a lot of mistakes and, sadly, I sent many fish on the toilet bowl ride. That was largely due to the fact that there was no information (that was simple to understand) available on keeping my fish healthy and happy.


Fortunately, I got passed those stumbling blocks a long time ago. Still, I had to learn the hard way: through experience.

And, that’s why I’m writing this blog. I want you to learn from my experience so that you can set up and maintain a successful aquarium right from the start!

Currently, I have three beautiful aquariums that house a dazzling array of fish! I’ve worked at two very well respected aquarium stores. I’ve even written an ebook, The Kick-Ass Aquarium, on the subject which you can find on this website!

I want to share both my knowledge of the hobby and my passion for it, so I encourage beginners and experienced aquarists to view my blog and comment on it.

Happy Fish Keeping!

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