Aquarium Care *Video*: Now Available For All!

Fellow Tropical Fish Lovers:

One of the aquarium care videos (usually available for members only), is up and running at the Kick-Ass Aquarium Information Page. It’s now available for all! Just scroll down through the information page to view this aquarium care *video*.

The video explains how biological filtration works, and how to “jump-start” the biological filtration process. In other words, it explains how to “cycle” your aquarium (“cycling” a new aquarium is also explained in Aquarium Care 101: Part 4).

This bit of knowledge is extremely important to understand, regardless of the type of fish or aquarium filter you have! Let me say it again: The information presented in the aquarium care video is EXTREMELY important to know!

In a nut shell, that’s because the beneficial bacteria, which are responsible for between 60% to 100% of the filtration in your aquarium, need time to multiply to sufficient levels. For the sake of avoiding redundancy, I’ll leave it at that… just check out the video and you’ll understand exactly how biological filtration works, why it’s important, and how you can use it to make aquarium and tropical fish care really simple and easy!

So, I highly encourage all people interested in the aquarium hobby to view this essential aquarium care *video*.

After all, just 10 minutes of your time, which is the length of the video, may very well save you a small fortune and your tropical fish.

Here’s the link again: Kick-Ass Aquarium Information Page

Happy Tropical Fish Keeping,

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