Hi, I’m Luke. First and foremost, thank you for visiting my aquarium care site. I’m thrilled to be sharing the information and techniques I’ve amassed for keeping tropical fish both healthy and happy, and, in general, for making this great hobby truly enjoyable for you.

That said, let me explain why I started theSmileyFish and what it’s about.

I’ve kept aquariums for seventeen years. Like most people, I started out with next to no information on hand, and, hence, had some problems with my first fish tank. I went ahead to amass all the information I could about my hobby, and things began to go better for me and my fish. But, it was not until I set up my first saltwater reef tank that I began to see the big picture…

Aquariums are miniature ecosystems.

When studying some great books about reef aquariums, I noticed that they all stressed the following: successful aquarists keep the aquarium environment balanced and stable by taking advantage of naturally occurring biological processes. I put this information into practice and had phenomenal success with my reef tank. The aquarium remained consistently clean and my corals (mostly acropora sp.) grew like bushes!

I went further by applying the same logic to my freshwater aquariums. I started to rely solely on naturally occurring beneficial bacteria for filtration, on lush plant growth for nutrient export, and, in general, used the natural environment as a model for my fish tanks. Simply put, instead of trying to overpower nature with expensive equipment and a lot of work, I began to cooperate with it!

So, why the website?

Like I said, there are many great books on the subject of reef keeping. But, that high caliber of information is missing in the world of freshwater aquariums! The available materials provide dated and, frankly, poor-quality information! It’s shocking, really.

In fact, when I worked at two aquarium shops, I noticed that the vast majority of my customers knew very little about their hobby, and so I took great care to coach them through the basics. That’s when I became aware of the fact that I have a lot of experience and a wealth of knowledge about the hobby.

So, I created theSmileyFish to share that knowledge that other sources don’t provide… to fill the void, so to speak. I’ve taken my experience with reef aquariums and translated the lessons learned to the world of freshwater fish tanks. And, I’d like to share that knowledge – those tested guidelines and techniques – with as many people as I can; the internet is the perfect medium for doing so.

I did my best both to lay out theSmileyFish website intuitively, and to communicate information in a manner that’s approachable. After all, extremely important concepts like biological filtration, water chemistry, and color temperature are rarely conveyed in a way that’s easy to understand. Well, I’m here to remedy that. I want you to become an aquarium expert yourself!

Where to start.

If you’re new to the hobby, you may want to start with the Aquarium Care 101 series of articles, in which I cover the basic concepts of successful aquarium keeping. I’m also offering a digitally delivered Aquarium Care Book that people seem to love. No pressure of course, but if you need extra help and will benefit from the book, I do appreciate all the support I receive to keep this site running.

Finally, I’m more than happy to answer any questions you may have, to help you on a one on one basis. Feel free to email me or, preferably, to post comments. I really do like when people post their questions to this site because then others will benefit from the topics and issues you raise.

I wish you the best of luck with your home aquarium and hope you enjoy the site 🙂

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