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Luke: Aquarium Expert

From: Luke Domagalski
Tuesday 5:53 PM

Dear Friend,

ou can easily have the aquarium of your dreams.

Many of us think it's impossible to have the perfect home aquarium: the type you see in tropical fish magazines ...fifteen years ago, when I first started out, that's what I thought too!

But I found out, after years of hands on experience, that aquariums are actually very easy to care for if you simply change the way you do a few things.

If you can spare just a small bit of your time, I'll show you how to quickly and easily set up the best aquarium ever...even if you've never had good "luck" with tropical fish in the past.

Here's the most important thing to keep in mind:

Luck has NOTHING to do with it.
You have to arm yourself with knowledge.

f you're not serious about getting the knowledge that will stop your fish from dying and your aquarium from looking like a cloudy green mess, you will fail ...and you'll loose anywhere from $350.00 to $900.00 in the process!

Yes; 350 to 900 Dollars is the amount the average beginner basically throws away on what ultimately ends up as a dead or dying aquarium!

Well, I don't want you to be yet another unfortunate statistic! And that's why I wrote this book and made the accompanying aquarium care videos.

When you check out my book and watch the aquarium care video lessons, you'll be AMAZED by how simple it actually is to set up and maintain a thriving freshwater aquarium, a crystal clear underwater paradise.

Your Aquarium Will Blow Away Your Jealous Friends!
They'll Soon Start Asking You For Advice!

Here's just some of what you'll learn:

Click on the video to see two of my fish. The blue one is Joe. He's awesome.

That's right! I'm so confident that this book will finally solve your aquarium problems and that it will show you how to set up and maintain the best aquarium ever, that I'm offering you a an amazing no-questions-asked 60 day 100% full refund guarantee.

That's Right, Forget Whimpy 30 Day Guarantees!
Here's My Upgraded Guarantee:

n fact, I've received over a hundred thank-you emails from people just like you! Here's just some of the feedback I've received from the 973 other aquarium owners who use this very same Aquarium Care system you'll be using (special thanks goes out to Lidia, Alex, and Stephen for providing their photos).

Hi Luke, I just wanted to thank you for your informative book. I thought I'd never be able to keep my fish alive for more than a few weeks. Also, I was so tired of all the cleaning I had to do. The tank just got dirty every week. Now the fish are happy and the tank looks crystal clear. And I had no idea it could be so easy! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!:)

Lidia Trainer (San Diego, CA)

Hey Luke, I got your book because I wanted my aquarium to look nice like the tank on your website. Well, it was more than worth the tiny investment. I'm so glad I got to follow your advice. The advice you give really does kick-ass (and now, so does my aquarium)!

Alex Niamira (Palatine, IL)

Hey Luke, how are you? I'm glad that you're finally putting that noggin of yours to good use. I read your book and I found it to be beyond exceptional! I must say that yours is among the best books (if not thee best) available. I'm happy that there's FINALLY some good stuff written on the subject for freshwater aquariums. Hearty congratulations on a job well done! Keep up the good work!

Stephen Randal: Thee Fish Bowl manager (Chicago, IL)

Indeed, there are a whole lot of Aquarium books out there... I've read almost all of them and I can honestly say that THIS is the best book for beginners and for those who've had little "luck" with tropical fish in the past.

I understand why many of us feel discouraged by the hobby. After all, most books on the subject contain disorganized, confusing, outdated, and even recycled material! Such books make me angry too!!!

But This Book Is Different.
It's Cutting-Edge Yet Simple to Understand.

y goal is to show you how to benefit from the natural blanace method behind all successful aquatic ecosystems - underwater habitats that include pristine lakes, crystal-clear rivers, and your aquarium too. I can tell you from experience that every single owner of a thriving aquarium knows about this method. This method will save you a lot of money and a whole lot of work.

Applying this breakthrough aquarium care system to your fish-tank does require a bit of scientific knowledge. For this reason, I wrote this book in a way that effectively explains, and basically "translates", all the scientific jargon so that you can easily put this expert knowledge to work for your aquarium.

Indeed, my sincere desire is to point you in the right direction. Your success is my priority. So below, I'm giving away a free aquarium care *video* lesson!

Before you hit "Play" to start the *video* lesson, let me briefly give you the context since you don't have the book in front of you yet:

STABILITY is thee key to successful aquarium keeping.

Fish hate rapid changes in water temperature, rapid changes in the amount of dissolved minerals, and sudden increases in pollution (a.k.a. fish waste).

So that's a potential problem since fish release waste all the time! In fact, they release it not only by defecating, but also by excreting a toxic substance (similar to urine) through their gills.

Both fish poop and the urine-like gill substance contain Ammonia. Ammonia is ultra toxic to fish, and high levels will kill all your fish in a matter of hours.

As a side note, Ammonia is also a key ingredient in household glass cleaners. Think of spraying glass cleaner in your eyes, and you can begin to imagine the pain that fish suffering form "Ammonia poisoning" are in (remember, fish have extremely thin skin).

So Ammonia is a bad, bad thing... How do you get rid of it?

Well, there's the hard way that most books talk about, and then there's the safe and simple way which I explain in detail in my book.

80% of people don't know about the safe and simple way, so they do it the hard way. They add chemicals to their filter (usually granular activated carbon) that absorb Ammonia.

So if these chemicals absorb Ammonia, what's the problem?

Well, these chemicals degrade very quickly, and so the tank conditions rapidly shift, back and forth, between clean water, when new chemicals are added to the filter, and dangerously dirty water, when the chemicals reach the end of their life cycle at the end of just one or two weeks ...at this point, you may end up with a tank full of floating fish!

Nature has a far better solution already in place.

Fortunately, nature has provided us with a much more efficient filtration method. Every single successful aquarist knows about this natural filter - it's called "biological filtration." Biological filtration relies on the work done by beneficial bacteria that naturally occur in the gravel, sand, and in your aquarium filter ...if you choose the right filter that is (see page 21).

Since these beneficial bacteria always munch on fish waste, your water will be consistently clean and your aquarium will look crystal clear. Basically, bio-filtration provides the stability that your fish will love!

So Stop making things so complicated!

What the other 80% of people who use out-dated, labor-intensive chemical filtration don't realize, is that:

1) their aquarium, by default, still depends on biological filtration, and

2) the very chemicals that they add to overpower nature actually destroys nature becasue these chemicals absorb the Ammonia all at once, so the beneficial bacteria don't have a food source and, hence, don't have the chance to multiply!

Sadly, after a week or two, when the chemical filter expires, there's suddenly a huge influx of fish waste in the tank and no bacteria to eat it. (yikes!) This is the leading cause of fish death!

That's why bio-filtration is the best alternative. It's simple (almost no maintenance required) and safe (consistently clean water). It provides balance to your aquarium instead of you having to slave over your tank to make sure everything is going okay...

You've just discover a tiny fraction of what this breakthrough Aquarium Care book has to offer. When you get the full version of the book (all 76 pages in super-high quality pdf), nothing will stop you from transforming your fish-tank into the crystal clear, beautiful aquarium of your dreams!

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You'll be 100% satisfied with "The Kick-Ass Aquarium: Understanding The Basic Needs Of Your Fish." I'm very excited to bring to you this vital Aquarium Care tool. I truly want Your Aquarium to look amazing.

Happy Fish Keeping!


Luke Domagalski (Aquarium Expert and Fellow Fish Lover)

P.S. I'm sincerely interested in how your aquarium is doing. Send me feedback and pictures of your fish-tank to luke@thesmileyfish.com. Also, you can post Aquarium Care questions on my blog, www.TheSmileyFish.com, and I'll answer them promptly:)

P.P.S. I'm offering this Aquarium Guide at a rock-bottom-cost, but the price may soon increase. Copies of The Kick-Ass Aquarium are flying off the "virtual shelves" and, as a consequence, the cost of running this site is increasing too.

Indeed, as more and more people use this breakthrough Aquarium Care Guide, I'm left with haviong to spend an increasing amount of money to keep the site up.

While it is my desire to get this book out to you at the lowest possible cost, I may soon have to increase the price so that it more closely reflects the actual market value.

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